The Datsuns Bad Taste fuzz is a limited edition, handmade pedal produced exclusively for the Datsuns to celebrate the release of their new album: Deep Sleep.

The Bad Taste fuzz was used extensively during the recording of the new album.

An original design hybrid silicon, germanium and opamp fuzz. It is a medium gain fuzz with a controlled low end response. The top end has a nice balance of bite and smoothness as well as a healthy dose of midrange which enables the fuzz to  sit well in the mix, particularly in live situations.

Controls are: Volume, Tone, Contour and Fuzz. The Tone and Contour controls are interactive which enables a wide range of sounds to be achieved. 

The Bad Taste Fuzz has a high input impedance and a low output impedance which allows the pedal to play nice with buffered pedals in the signal chain. Switching is true bypass and the pedal can be powered by a standard 9V DC centre negative adapter.

Artwork by Philippe Caza.

Powder coated enclosures.

Screen printed graphics.

Aluminium knobs for a classy feel.

Top mounted jacks and DC socket.

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