The Electrochop is a super choppy tremolo that features the classic, unique LFO section from the Vox Repeat Percussion. A new audio circuit has been designed around the LFO, resulting in a tremolo that sounds like the Repeat Percussion but with a fuller, louder sound and more controls. All the classic throb but with more user friendly features!

The controls are: Volume, Depth and Speed plus a toggle switch that alters the overall speed range.

The speed range goes from very slow to crazy fast. At higher speeds the sound morphs into a ring modulator type effect.


- High input impedance and low output impedance

- Top Mounted Jacks and DC socket

- True Bypass switching

- 9V DC centre negative adapter operation

- Rate Toggle switch

- Volume, Depth and Speed controls

- Handmade

£109 plus shipping.


Excellent review of the Electrochop from Premier Guitar magazine.