- Volume, Gain, Tone, Time, Mix and Repeat controls

- High input impedance and low output impedance

- 9V-18 DC centre negative adapter powered

- True Bypass switching

- Reverse polarity protection

- Top mounted Jacks and DC socket

- Limited Edition

- 100% Handmade




The Vortex is a great sounding Boost with built in Echo.

A fantastic sounding, open and transparent Boost with a gain range that can cover tones from super clean to overdrive. The ability to mix in the Echo circuit is great for adding ambience and space to your tone when playing in venues where the sound of the room is small or dry and lifeless. The combination of the Boost and Echo together can really help make your tone feel and sound bigger under your fingers.

Having two effects housed in one enclosure with top mounted jacks and DC socket is a real space saver on pedalboards! Also, the ability to engage both effects with one foot switch makes the Vortex easy to use on stage.

There are three controls for the Boost and three controls for the Echo. The Gain control allows you to dial in a boost anywhere from super clean to gritty. Higher gain settings add increased sustain and harmonic richness which is great when playing leads/solo’s. The Tone control allows you to go from bright to smooth and warm while the Volume control has plenty of level available to drive any amp. Time, Mix and Repeat controls give you plenty of options for dialling in delay settings that range from slapback to short echo.

The Boost can be used without the Echo simply by turning the Mix control down.

The Vortex has the ability to accept higher voltages up to, and including, 18V. Higher voltages offer increased headroom which can be beneficial for boosting. 

The Vortex has a high input impedance and low output impedance to help ensure compatibility with other effects in your signal chain.